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Need a Bad Faith Insurance Lawyer? Top 5 Warning Signs

Close-up of hands reviewing an insurance contract, signifying scrutiny for instances of bad faith in insurance dealings. A bad faith insurance lawyer can help.

Challenging Unfair Insurance Practices

It’s a disappointing reality that some insurance companies prioritize profits over their policyholders’ needs. These companies may set up bureaucratic hurdles or unjustly deny valid claims, as evidenced by government investigations. If you’re facing such a situation, where a valid claim is denied, undervalued, or delayed, turning to a knowledgeable attorney can be your best defense. Goldfaden Law PC is here to assist you in these challenging times. Contact us for a complimentary consultation at 858-324-4710 or 858-451-GOLD (4653).

Understanding 'Bad Faith' in Insurance

Insurance companies are expected to operate under an “implied covenant of good faith and fair dealing,” ensuring they handle claims fairly and without letting profits interfere. When they fail to do so, it constitutes ‘bad faith,’ and legal action may be warranted. A bad faith insurance lawyer can help evaluate the strength of your case and likelihood of success. Common signs of bad faith include unreasonable documentation requests, incomplete investigations, unclear denial reasons, delayed payments, unfair settlements, policy misinterpretation, and more.

Case in Point: Unum's Bad Faith Tactics

A notable example of bad faith is Unum, a leading disability insurance provider. A 2004 investigation revealed that the company had denied valid claims to boost profits, setting quotas for claim denials. This behavior highlights the need for holding such companies accountable.

The Need for Skilled Legal Representation

Going against large insurance firms alone can be daunting. They often have legal teams dedicated to minimizing payouts. This is where having an attorney becomes crucial. An experienced bad faith insurance lawyer can navigate the complexities of your claim and the insurer’s tactics, allowing you to focus on your health and family.

The Role of an Attorney in Bad Faith Insurance Cases

An attorney’s role is vital in determining if your insurer’s actions amount to bad faith. Each claim is unique, and policy language varies. A bad faith insurance lawyer can assess your situation and advise on the possibility of a valid bad faith lawsuit. In the U.S., the law allows for punitive damages in such cases. This means you could be entitled to not just the original claim amount but also additional compensation if it’s proven that the insurance company deliberately acted in bad faith.

Various Avenues for reporting bad faith insurance cases

The California Department of Insurance (CDI) offers avenues for lodging complaints and seeking assistance. Policyholders can file a complaint directly through the CDI’s platform if they encounter issues such as denial of claims, delays in claim processing, or any other practices that might constitute bad faith by the insurer. This process allows for a structured way to address grievances and seek resolution.  While these avenues can sometimes provide relief, there are occasions where hiring a bad faith insurance lawyer is the best course of action. 

Contact Goldfaden Law for Support

Goldfaden Law is committed to standing up to any insurance company on behalf of clients. We ensure to fight for the maximum compensation in every case. With a focus on client needs and a thorough approach to each case, Goldfaden Law is a reliable ally in insurance disputes.

Free Consultations at Goldfaden Law

Offering no-obligation, free consultations, Goldfaden Law PC is ready to assist if you suspect bad faith actions by your insurance company. Call us at 858-324-4710 or 858-451-GOLD (4653) or contact us online to discuss your situation and explore your options.

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