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Car accidents caused by defective vehicles can lead to dire consequences, from severe injuries to fatalities. If you or a loved one has been impacted by such a defect, our team at Goldfaden Benson is here to extend our support and guidance. You need a car defect attorney you can trust. We’re committed to helping you identify the responsible parties and hold them accountable.

The Reality of Auto Defects in California

In 2016, a staggering 53.2 million vehicles were recalled in the U.S., marking a record in auto safety recalls for the third consecutive year (Automotive News). Car defects can occur for a variety of reasons, including manufacturing errors, flawed designs, or insufficient consumer warnings. Almost any part of a vehicle can be faulty, potentially leading to accidents and subsequent injuries.

Car Defect, Vehicle Defect, Truck Defect - Claims in many forms

“Auto defect” or “Car Defect” encompasses a broad range of vehicle issues, affecting cars, trucks, motorcycles, and even recreational vehicles. From manufacturing flaws to design oversights, any aspect of these vehicles can be defective. Such defects may compromise safety, leading to potential accidents. Understanding that “auto defect” is not limited to passenger cars is crucial for recognizing and addressing these widespread safety concerns effectively.

Common Defective Auto Parts and Their Risks

Despite the moral and legal obligations of automakers to ensure vehicle safety, car defects still occur. Insufficient testing or prioritizing profits over safety can lead to flawed components like tires, seat belts, brakes, and airbags. These defects can range from minor issues to critical malfunctions, causing everything from tire blowouts to malfunctioning seat belts and brakes.

Injuries Stemming from Auto Defects

In 2016 alone, 37,461 lives were lost in car crashes in the U.S. (Insurance Institute for Highway Safety). Auto defects can cause a myriad of injuries, such as broken bones, whiplash, traumatic brain injuries, spinal cord damage, and even fatalities. Beyond physical injuries, victims may also suffer emotional and mental trauma, leading to significant treatment costs and financial burdens.

The Challenge of Proving an Automobile is Defective

Proving a vehicle’s defectiveness is complex, often requiring extensive evidence and expert analysis. Key steps include preserving the vehicle in its post-accident state and demonstrating the defect directly caused the accident and resulting injuries. This process can be daunting, highlighting the need for skilled legal assistance.

Why Choose Goldfaden Benson

At Goldfaden Benson, we help clients navigate the intricacies of car defect cases in California. Our expertise lies in not only providing legal representation but also understanding and addressing the unique needs of each client. By choosing us, you’re not just getting a lawyer – you’re gaining a committed advocate who will fight for your rights and well-being.

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